Ian Martin - C-3PO

For Super High-Res Pictures of my individual suit parts (WARNING: Very LARGE pictures)
Click Here: http://www.mr-tea.com/c3po/highres/

Here is a video of me getting into the suit at R2LA (2009):

And here is another video of me making an appearance at a local Discover Science Center for a "Robots and Us" event:

I had the privilege of being flown to New York in January 2010 to appear as C3PO in a CollegeHumor.com parody video ("Galactic Empire State of Mind") - I had never been to New York, so it was quite the experience for me! My brother got to go as well. We had a blast, even though we were only there for 23 hours :P

I perfomed along side Dana Powers' gorgeous R2D2! We are hardly in the video, but we sure had a lot of fun!

Here are some images from that event:

Here he is before I sent him to the VM place, I am wearing it here (All detail parts are brass)