Due to the delicate nature of this replica,
it will only be available by Local Pick-Up in Southern California.

I will also personally deliver it to anywhere in Southern California!

Because of a previous commitment,
it will be only be available after September 18th

I am simply trying to find a buyer before then.

Absolutely incredible C-3PO Costume Replica!


If interested, please contact ianwmartin@gmail.com

This is just about as close as you can get to the real thing!
Painstakingly assembled with obsessive attention to detail and accuracy - This item is sure to "WOW" anyone that sees it.

This replica took a year to assemble - The costume is constructed mostly out of thick fiberglass - but almost all of the smaller 'detail parts' are brass; All vacuum metalized for a mirror finish gold!

An item like this only becomes available once in a lifetime! This costume is absolutely awe-inspiring and looks as though it has stepped right out of the movie screen!

I never dreamt of selling this costume - It has given me a "free ride" to Paris and New York - It's appeared on stage in front of thousands, and has been viewed in a popular online video by over a million people! It has even enabled me to meet Mark Hamill and George Lucas! All of this, in less than two years! But the time has come - Due to some recent life changes, I feel that I have gotten all I need out of it and I should move on.

Now it is your chance to BE C-3P0!

I can not make any promises that the costume will fit you - I am 5'7", 150lbs, with a 30 inch waist, and the costume fits snugly.
Please only bid if you are serious about purchasing! Keep in mind that this is a costume, it has been worn multiple times, and I have flown with it on 3 occasions. Along the way it has received dings and scatches, but nothing too serious!
I will include some reflective gold mylar tape and sticky vynil tape to help you cover up any future damage.

CLICK HERE for High-Resolution pictures of the individual suit parts.
(These pictures were taken at the beginning of the year, some parts have since recived a few minor dings and scratches)
The "shoes" are in poor condition and may have to be replaced, but they still work and are not noticeable once the costume is on completely.

This picture was taken on August 13th, 2010


Here is a video of me getting into the suit:

And here is another video of me making an appearance at a local Discovery Science Center:

I had the privilege of being flown to New York in January 2010 to appear as C3PO in a CollegeHumor.com parody video ("Galactic Empire State of Mind")

Here are some images from that event:

Here he is before I sent him to the Vacuum Metalization place. I am wearing it here (All detail parts are brass)