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Galway - 6/30/06

Well, The bus ride to Galway got packed very quickly, I was sitting next to an elderly woman with all my stuff on my lap. We got there around 12:15pm or so. Galway is huge in comparison to most places I've been, and there are people everywhere! I first stopped into a cheap looking hotel and asked how much it would be to stay a night... it was 175. I kept looking, I finally decided a hostel would be my best bet in a situation like this, So I asked information where some were. Of course all of them had to be spread out as much as possible across the city. I went to 3 that were all full and was exhausted from carrying all of my stuff around the city so I rested on a corner near one of the hostels and saw a guy come out disappointed. He was was a very nice young polish man (75% of the people in this city are polish it seems) and told me a little about the city and where I might find a place to stay, and sure enough I finally found one that was simply called "The Galway City Hostel". 18 got me a bed, breakfast tomorrow morning, wireless internet, and a safe to put my things in. I met a couple here that were from New York but originally from the San Fernando Valley! I told him I was from Sylmar and he said he had taught there a couple years. It was pretty surreal, considering he is probably the only one in all of Ireland who has heard of Sylmar. 

My room isn't ready till 3:30pm. It's 2:13pm now, but I'm fine just sitting here in the kitchen because I have the internet, finally!! I'm very curious to see where I am going to be sleeping though.

The Kitchen at "The Galway City Hostel"

View from the kitchen window.

Well the beds alright, but I don't think I'm really liking the whole hostel thing. Why visit a foreign country if you are just going to immerse yourself with other Americans and tourists? The city itself is also so packed with tourists that I'm not even sure I've talked to any Irish except for the people that run the hostels, and everyone just looks at you as another tourist so the atmosphere isn't the same its been everywhere else. I'm not very fond of Galway so far. Maybe its just the time of year, I know there is a big art convention here or something right now, so that has drawn in a lot of people I'm sure. But I am getting rather anxious to move on.

An art thingy in the park, Quick! Take a picture!

The Hostel I'm staying at.

My Bed.

The Beautiful view from my window.

Went out on the town and heard some great live Irish music in a pub near my hostel and bought a CD from them for 5. Sat with two older me, Both of them were in charge of their own Roofing business. Great fun, got back to my hotel after 1:00am.


Got up at 6:30am, left the hostel at 8:30. I sat in the park for a while and then got on a bus for Lisdoonvarna Around 9:15am.

(See "10. Ballyvaughen")
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