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Kenmare - 7/21/06

Arrived in Kenmare and got a bed in a nice little hostel. I took a shower and then went out to eat and explore the town. There was a stone circle near the town that I went and checked out as well.

Stone Circle near Kenmare

 After that I went back to some hostel and talked with some German guys that were staying in the same room as me, they went out to a pub and I went with them. We talked most of the night, they are backpacking Ireland and had just walked 25km (15 miles) from Killarney to Kenmare through the "Kerry Way" and they were going to walk to the town of Bantry tomorrow. They invited me to join them and I accepted.

Fabian, Torbin, Eugen and Benni


We woke up, got packed and then went into town to get some breakfast and some maps. It was raining, but we started our walk.

The walk was beautiful but hard, we missed our turn off by a long shot and ended up going in the wrong direction, by the time we noticed we had gone way to far to turn back. So we started walking to the closest town, Tuosist.

It stopped raining!

(See "26. Tuosist")

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