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Bunratty - 6/27/06

Bunratty Castle    

Got off the bus, went to a nearby hotel to ask for some quick directions then went on my way down "The Low Road", past the castle to the Park House B&B. Where I found a very pleasant lady named Mairead, who gave me the keys to my room. I hooked up the adapters for my laptop (I had to rip off the ground part of my laptop cord so that it would fit in the adapter :(, but its working great)  and now here I am, ready for a nap.

A field off of the Low Road

The Low Road

Park House B&B

The view from my window.

My room.

I went out about 5:45 to check out the town, walked quite a ways to try and find a good place to eat, didn't find anything cheap, so I settled on a little sea food restaurant called Gallaghers, and got a Seafood Chowder... It was so good. I also asked around about there being an internet connection anywhere, and all I got was "I think the airport is the nearest" but no one was even sure if the airport had an internet connection. I feel bad not contacting anyone, but its just too remote out here. Tomorrow I figure I'll travel in to Limerick, I'm sure ill find something there.


A sheep I found on the way back to my room.


Woke up a little late at 8:30am and went downstairs where I had an "Irish Breakfast" waiting for me. Bacon, Eggs, Sausage, Toast, Scones and Coffee, Marvelous way to start my day. Went upstairs to clean up, Mairead was nice enough to drive me up to the Castle, so I went ahead and walked the castle grounds for a bit.

Castle Grounds

Bunratty Castle

View of the river from the Castle

Castle grounds.

From there I went to the Bus Stop and took a bus to Limerick for 3.50
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