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Tralee - 7/16/06

Arrived in Tralee and searched around for a hostel. The city was bigger than we thought. We found a pretty cool hostel named 'Finnegan's Hostel', it was 3 stories with 40 beds. Our room was kinda cramped, or comfy I guess you could say, but we did have our own bathroom and there were only 3 bunk beds in the room. Everyone there was very friendly as well. We went out and got some fast food and then went to a couple pubs, the last one we went to we met a bunch of young Irish guys and just chatted all night, It was great fun. Wasn't much to see in Tralee, although I heard there was a really nice park in town.. We got there too late to check it out and we wanted to be in Dingle the next day.


Woke up, got packed. Sat in the station for about 2 hours while waiting for a bus to Dingle Town. One of the guys who stayed in the same room as us in the hostel was there waiting with us, and he just happened to work in a hostel in Dingle.

(See "20. Dingle")

Sorry, no pictures.

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