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Ballinrobe 7/10/06

Not the greatest town, rather dirty, not the friendliest people either. However, it felt old and authentic. Again, I had trouble finding a place to stay, there wasn't much in town and the couple B&Bs I went to didn't have any vacancies. One lady referred me to the "Riverside Inn", which seemed like it used to be a nice hotel but was turned into a restaurant with rooms above it that were neglected. I got a room for 30, but it wouldn't be ready till 2pm. I got some lunch at "O'Malley's" a Pub/Restaurant, then went out and explored the town a bit. Came back when my room was ready, it was dirty and not well kept, the shower even had spider webs in it, hah (At least the disinfectant wipes my mother had me pack finally got some use), It was also right next to the street and there is a lot of construction going on in town, so it was very loud. I did however manage to get a couple hours of napping time. I got dinner at a very old restaurant, Clam Chowder with brown bread for 6.50 (the chowder had 5 Mussels still in the shell in it, it was marvelous). Spent some time in a pub just listening to conversation. Went back to my room and watched TV (A very little TV with all sorts of color issues, I was surprised they even had one though) 

My Room

View from my window


Woke up around 8:30am got packed, took a bus to Castlebar where I got breakfast (Scrambled eggs on toast with coffee, only 3.50), waited till 11:30am for a bus to Westport so that I could catch a bus to Clifden at 3pm.

(See "16. Clifden")

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