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Donegal 7/8/06

Donegal was a very nice little town. However it was raining and the hostel had no vacancies (As well as practically every B&B in town, due to a big wedding). We walked around in the rain for a good while, ringing the door bells of every B&B we came across. We finally found one with a very nice man in it that found us a room at a B&B up the road, he even drove us there. It was a very pleasant B&B with the nicest lady and it was only 35 a piece. We stayed in our room a while, washing up and playing a computer game (Worms Armageddon!). We went out and ate at a fantastic restaurant (I think it was called "The Blueberry Cafe") they had the greatest Tomato Soup. We asked around about Irish music and found a pub called "The Scotsman's" which had a Traditional Irish music band there, we were there for most of the night.

Daniel attempts to thread a needle to sew a button back onto his shirt.

Traditional Irish Band

The B&B we stayed at

Donegal Town Square (Well more of a triangle really)


It was Sunday, the day of the big game and we decided we wanted to watch it in a pub in a bigger town. We started our long line of bus rides to Westport.  

(See "11. Westport")

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