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Sligo 7/7/06

From Westport we took a bus to Sligo (long trip). Sligo was a big town and when we got there me and Webber spilt up. I went to get a map of the town from the Tourist information center and Webber went to get us a room at the "White House Hostel". The tourist information was hard to find and when I finally got there it was closed. I made my way back to the hostel, settled in, then me and Webber went out for lunch at a burger joint called "Molly's Diner" which had pictures of Elvis and American license plates all over the walls, as well a jukebox. We went back to the hostel for a while and decided where we would be going tomorrow, then we went out on the town for the night. Webber made 4 playing his guitar on a street corner. Tomorrow, off to Donegal which is known for its Traditional Irish Music.


Woke up, packed, and got on a bus to Donegal.

(See "14. Donegal")

Bah, again, no pictures (Sorry!)

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