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Achill Island (Keel) 7/5/06

Arrived in Keel after a long bus ride from Westport. The coast was gorgeous, dramatic cliffs and a sandy beach. We found a small hostel on a hill named "Richview Hostel" and got a double room with a view of the cliffs from our window. After we moved in we went out to the beach.

Views from the beach

Hill on the beach.

Daniel found paradise.

Views from the hill.


We decided yesterday that we wanted to hike up the cliffs so that's what we did. We hiked a couple miles along the mountain on a little trail surrounded by sheep.

The road ended and we were surrounded by sheep.

A river we had to cross

A stream running down the mountain.

Views while going up.

Got dinner from a little Chinese food restaurant and ate it back at the hostel.

We woke up, got packed then went out to town to get some breakfast (Muffins and Coffee). After breakfast we realized that we had missed our bus... the only bus. So we made a sign that said "Westport", walked out of town a ways and then held out our thumbs and surprisingly within a half hour we got picked up. He was a scraggly truck driver from Dublin who was delivering glass but driving like a complete maniac. He could only take us as far as "Achill Sound", from there we walked across the bridge and past all the houses there and held out our thumbs again. Within another half hour we were picked up by a pleasant lady who dropped us off about a mile away from Westport. Once in Westport, we took a bus to Sligo

(See "13. Sligo")

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