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Westport - 7/4/06

Arrived in Westport and found a hostel for 16.50. It was in a cool old building and our room wasn't full. We went out on the town and had dinner in a restaurant while watching the soccer game. After that we went to a pub to hear some live music. And then went out to a club called Oscars, it was packed, we had a great time. Went back to the hostel and got some sleep. Really wasn't much to see in Westport, but it was a nice little town. Next day we were off to Achill Island.

(See "12. Achill Island")


After a 7 hour bus ride from Donegal to Westport (Stops in Sligo and Ballina) we checked in to the same hostel we were in on Tuesday and got some Irish Stew at a local restaurant (Our 4th time eating there, heh). Later we found a pub that was packed full of people to watch the big game in, was great fun. We decided that we were going to split of for a bit and meet up again on the 15th just so we could do things we both wanted to do.


Woke up, got packed up. Me and Daniel chose to meet at Knox's Pub in Ennis on the 15th (My B-Day!) at 8pm. I got on a bus to a local town called Ballinrobe.

(See "15. Ballinrobe")

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