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Shannon - 6/27/06

As most of you already know, Daniel Webber (my traveling partner) was unable to make it with me today due to his passport being expired. Hopefully he will be able to join me in a week or two. Never the less, I begin my journey alone.

I got to LAX around 8:30 Monday morning, the plane was supposed to take off at 11:50am PST, but instead took off at 1:30pm PST and arrived in Newark New Jersey at 9:30pm EST (6:30pm PST). The flight out of New Jersey was also delayed and instead of leaving at 10:10pm EST, it left at 12:22am EST (9:22pm PST). From there we first went to Dublin, Ireland and landed at 11:17am GMT (3:17am PST), then finally we left for Shannon at 12:33pm GMT (4:33pm PST) and landed at 1:19pm GMT (5:19am PST).

Just got off the plane in Shannon Airport

After we landed I got my passport stamped, bought a map of the West coast, and then went to find my bus to Bunratty where I supposedly had a B&B room reserved for me. The bus was 3.30, and I was on my way.

Shannon Airport

Bus stop at Shannon Airport

Inside the Bus

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